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Do you regularly work with temporary workers and want to get rid of all the struggles you experience daily when hybrid, or on-site work with contractors, freelancers or student entrepreneurs? ExtraExpertise is here for you!

ExtraExpertise unburdens you in all aspects of hiring and managing your freelancers and talent pools. Together with an international team of freelancers, we built a robust solution that helps in finding suitable freelancers, placing assignments, manage communication during the project, smooth onboarding and follow-up, proper payout and administration!

ExtraExpertise in a nutshell

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ExtraExpertise is much more than a platform to find and pay freelancers.

Building and expanding talent pools

Finding suitable workers

Compliant and correct working

Maintain better oversight of projects and clients

Improve onboarding,follow-up and teamwork

Place your own orders

Paying out workers

up-to-date resumes

Filtering profiles

Checking vacations and availability

Organizing your network

Correct timekeeping

Increase your visibility

Smoother communication during the project

Importing contacts

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"For clients who hire temporary workers on a regular basis, we built specific software that takes the worry out of finding and managing your team from A to Z so you can concentrate on your core business. "
Lode Schoors, Founder ExtraExpertise

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One tool to comfortably manage your outsourcing

No more checking Excel and other files over and over again. Through our user-friendly interface you can now manage your talent pool, assign it to missions and expand your database with professionals.

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Finding suitable freelancers and placing assignments in no time

Simply post new assignments and our smart robot will distribute them through our network of freelancers and through popular social media channels.

That way, your assignment gets the attention it deserves, and professionals can then contact you.

Organize your freelancer squad with tags and personal notes. Apply tags or add them to a group to better structure everything

find freelancers in no time

Good onboarding and follow-up for your work force

On-boarding information and the team setup at your client's site will help your freelancers become more informed and efficient. Built-in chat functionality allows you to ask for feedback and easily send documents.

As icing on the cake, freelancers who match your requirements can use the focus module. This module allows you to keep track during remote or on-site work by organizing to-do lists, calendars and frequently used links by client or project. In addition, you as a recruiter can provide the necessary onboarding information at the start so that the collaboration can be started successfully and without headaches which will promote satisfaction for all parties.

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Resumes and availability that are always up to date

With literally the click of a button, you can request an update on the availability of freelancers in your personal network and see their most recent resume. This allows you to target recruitment and focus on your business.

Finding freelancers who are available becomes child's play thanks to the built-in comprehensive search engine that allows you to filter based on profile, daily rate, and experience.

up to date info about professionals

ExtraExpertise help you with:


1. Improve contact with your flexible workforce

Follow-up without going to the customer, send documents securely and digitally, and engage with potential candidates: Thanks to the integrated secure chat module, this all becomes child's play


2. Find the right candidate faster

The built-in connect module gives you access to an extensive filter and search system that helps you quickly find a suitable candidate for an assignment. Have you found an interesting profile? Then You can immediately check his/her availability and get an indication of the desired daily rate.


3.Using digitalization to reduce recruitment costs

Say goodbye to cold-calling and body-shopping, and opt for efficient communication through our secure platform that also allows you to easily handle contracts. That way, you retain more focus and more time for other things.

4. Next-level automation

Through our smart robot, we automatically distribute your posted jobs on social channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Moreover, as a premium customer you can check in advance whether a similar vacancy has already been has already been posted in our system. You can also use the import-module to import your existing database from a CRM or Excel file. This way ExtraExpertise becomes your single source of truth and go-to solution with which you can can work with on a daily basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Small businesses can start immediately as soon as we receive payment from the first month. For SMEs and larger companies, we provide an online demo at the start to get them started, and see how we can help them with extras.

The price for small users is directly linked to usage. The starting amount is 99 euro per month for our entry level formula where you can link a maximum of 1 user to your job. If you wish to place more jobs and recruit freelancers, an additional invoice is automatically structured at the end of the month per credit you have used. A credit is charged for both an additional job you place or a freelancer you add to one of your projects.

For companies and recruiters, we are very soon going to build in the ability with Mollie to make payments either per freelancer or for all freelancers on a regular basis

Our team is working hard to see how we can properly use AI to help flex workers, as well as companies. Currently, you can already use smart filters to find the ideal match.

ExtraExpertise includes all the basic functions of a good CRM. For example, our solution provides all the functionalities to properly manage your talent pool and contacts, and communicate with them. There is also the ability to add notes to specific profiles. In the future there will be additional functionalities such as task management

Many companies already use an internal CRM to manage freelancers and consultants, but this is no problem at all. Within ExtraExpertise, by uploading a CSV file you can add these contacts to your own groups or talent pool. So it's an addition, which can be very valuable for your business. In addition, our team can also provide customized support for linking with existing systems and help guide the migration of existing data

At ExtraExpertise, we strive to send our freelancers as few emails as possible during working hours. Therefore we take a different approach After posting a job, your job is posted on a general board where freelancers have access to it. In addition, potential matches will also receive an invitation to view this job via email and through a notification in our platform. If the freelancer is interested, he can apply for a particular job. Then it will be added to your shortlist, and you will receive a notification. In the near future, we also foresee an integration with whatsapp.

ExtraExpertise is much more than a Freelance management system. Our platform offers a total solution that can help to better collaborate with freelancers, or temporary workers but also takes some administration out of your hands. Unlike for example Bubty (a competitor from the Netherlands) our tool also allows you to tag freelancers, group them or add private notes. In addition, you can easily share files and send instant messages.

Sure! ExtraExpertise can help companies set up employer branding campaigns. We offer packages to help companies increase brand awareness and find the right employees through paid campaigns and a personalized campaign page on our website. website. This way, you not only reach your target audience, but also put your company and brand in the spotlight.

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