5 reasons to hire freelancers

As a business, hiring freelancers and temporary workers is a smart move. This is because it offers several benefits that will move your business forward, so that your projects and goals are realized faster.

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First, using freelancers and temporary workers allows companies to be more flexible. For example, when there is a temporary project, additional staff can be brought in quickly and efficiently without the need for long-term contracts. This saves time and money.

New knowledge and skills

Second, freelancers and temporary workers bring with them new knowledge and skills. They often have experience in different companies and industries, giving them a fresh perspective on your organization's operations. This can lead to innovative ideas and solutions.

Cost savings

Third, using freelancers and temporary workers can be cost-saving. Companies do not have to incur additional costs for such things as sick leave, vacation days or pension plans. In addition, there is no need to purchase additional office space or equipment.

Time Saving

Finally, using freelancers and temporary workers can be time-saving. Companies do not have to spend time recruiting and selecting new employees. Freelancers and temporary workers can be brought in quickly when needed.

In short, using freelancers and temporary workers offers companies many advantages. It makes companies more flexible, brings in new knowledge and skills, is cost- and time-saving, and can lead to innovative ideas.

Examples of Freelance management systems

If you are looking for a way to manage your freelance staff, a Freelance Management System (FMS) may be for you. An FMS is a system that companies or individuals use to streamline their freelance management 1. It helps with various tasks such as freelancer onboarding, management, tracking, payments and reporting 1. There are several FMS solutions available on the market that companies can use to manage their freelance staff. For example, Worksuite is a customizable solution to grow and organize your global freelancer and contractor network 2. Bonsai also offers an FMS solution that helps streamline freelance management 1. Other popular FMS solutions include Share, Field Nation and Fiverr Enterprise 3.

ExtraExpertise.be is another interesting solution. As a newcomer on the market, we make the difference by offering affordable total solutions for clients and professional freelancers, who we want to unburden by helping them from placement to selection, onboarding, follow-up and payment. Throughout the cooperation with your freelancers and flexible workers we are your companion along the way.

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