CRM solution and collaboration platform for freelancers and flex workers.

More billable hours and fewer headaches for freelancers like you

  • Centralize and structure your communications and contacts
  • Create and share your online profile with your customers
  • Get more insight into your business and projects
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Overview dashboard ExtraExpertise

ExtraExpertise gives you all the tools you need to work smarter and more structured as a freelancer, student-entrepreneur or consultant, giving you more free time! The functionalities of ExtraExpertise will greatly simplify your daily life and improve your work-life balance, that's what I stand for!

ExtraExpertise is the most innovative Freelance management system on the European market that helps you find suitable freelancers, manage communication during the project, smooth collaboration, correct payment, easy timetracking, and smooth onboarding!

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"We build solutions for you to work in a more structured way that allows you to more free time and fewer headaches have! ExtraExpertise's functionalities will greatly simplify your daily life and improve your work-life balance!"
Lode Schoors, Founder ExtraExpertise

Our users have their say

review extraexpertise Bram

"Building my own network of professionals is now child's play. Assigning tags to my contacts or grouping them keeps everything neat and organized. Everything is nicely and logically built. A great added value for my business!"

- Bram Graphic Designer
review extraexpertise Robrecht

"A serious added value in my daily work. Finally a customized tool for the freelancers among us!"

- Robrecht Programmer
review extraexpertise Mireille

"ExtraExpertise helps our company tremendously. We use it daily to expand, and manage our talent pool of freelancers. This is highly recommended for companies looking to leverage flexible workers."

- Mireille Marketing manager
review extraexpertise Linde

"ExtraExpertise, A bit of the LinkedIn for freelancers. Fan of the first hour! Since using ExtraExpertise I save several hours every week and get great projects through my network who recommend me to their clients and their own network"

- Linde Virtual Assistant

Our software solution helps professionals like you to better organize professional contacts, and easily build your own network of good freelancers and clients.

Thanks to ExtraExpertise, you can tag your favorite freelancers and categorize your professional contacts with labels, or group contacts, and add private notes. This way you can focus on your core business and improve your contact with professionals.

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Byebye Excel, and LinkedIn,

Hello ExtraExpertise!


Find out what ExtraExpertise can do for

Build your network of professionals

Search and filter based on your criteria and quickly build your own network of freelancers

Send files and instant messages

Start the conversation online, and share files through our secure chat feature

Share your availability and profile

Easily share your online profile, availability and achievements with prospects or other users

ExtraExpertise for freelancers

At ExtraExpertise, we build tools that make your collaboration with freelancers, or clients go smoother. Save at least 4 days per month by using ExtraExpertise. We strive to provide a solution for freelancers and flex-workers that makes space and peace in your head.

Get more insight into your business and projects

As a Freelancer, you want to be free! We understand that all too well at ExtraExpertise. That's why we built a web application that allows you to work anywhere in the world in a structured, well-organized way whenever and wherever you want. Whether you are a stay-at-home dad or a digital nomad who wants to combine traveling with working... you make the rules! Our clear dashboard gives you the freedom and peace of mind you are looking for as a professional. After logging in, you will see at a glance the important information about your company and your professional network.

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maintain structure and focus

All communications in one platform

Mail, Whatsapp, Slack, LinkedIn ... daily you lose precious minutes checking all the channels on which clients and other professionals contact you. Between all the advertising, and distractions, you can't see the forest for the trees. We want to change that. We built an online platform for freelancers and flex-workers like you that puts an end to fragmented communication. From now on, you can find all communication with your clients in one platform. No more fragmented communication!

Invite your existing contacts, import your contacts from Excel or Linkedin or connect with other great freelancers from around the world using the handy filter function. Organize your contacts by applying filters, creating groups and adding your contacts to your favorites. You can easily add experiences and comments to any profile within your own network.

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overview functionalities

Easily send documents and instant messages

Thanks to our integrated chat solution, you communicate easily with clients and other professionals. Files and images that you have received can still be found in the overview after months, so you lose less time looking for important documents. No more spam mail!

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building portfolio

Build your online portfolio in one minute

Thanks to our paid module you can build in a few minutes your online web page and portfolio that you can use as a website to attract new customers and highlight your completed projects. We take care of maintenance and your findability through our SEO specialists.

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portfolio ExtraExpertise

Organize your professional contacts the way you want

Through our platform, you can easily maintain your own network and structure it the way you want. You can assign labels to contacts, mark them as favorites or group them into groups.

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add labels to your contacts

Easily create your own virtual profile

Highlight your work by easily creating your own profile. Upload your CV, enter projects you are proud of, and share your availabilities. This way you can easily promote your activities to other users. No more updating your CV

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portfolio ExtraExpertise

Maintain structure in your various projects

Based on the Getting things done principle, we have developed a unique method that allows you to work in a more structured way for your clients. Thanks to our focus module you can quickly start working on a new project, get an overview of who is in your team, make notes, group files and much more.

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maintain structure and focus

Receive only notifications you deem important or urgent

As a freelancer, you want to make the best use of your time, and we are happy to help. Therefore, we have tried to send you only messages that you find important. In addition, we have provided the possibility for your clients and contacts to send you important or urgent messages directly so you can quickly anticipate where needed. This way you keep more focus and get more done in your billable hours.

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Receive notifications based on your preferences

Set your absences and availabilities

After creating a profile in ExtraExpertise, you can easily set your desired working hours as well as availability.

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build own team of international talent

Start your own freelance collective and collaborate with other professionals

Through ExtraExpertise you can quickly and easily build your own team with domestic and foreign contacts so that you can find better clients. In this way you will effortlessly build your own talent pool and grow as a professional.

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Build your own team of freelancers

In addition to an online platform, we also offer other services that you as a freelancer can take advantage of

Support and coaching
Lode Schoors

As a business, hiring freelancers and temporary workers is a smart move. This is because it offers several benefits that will move your business forward, so that your projects and goals are realized faster.

Afterwork events
Lode Schoors

As a business, hiring freelancers and temporary workers is a smart move. This is because it offers several benefits that will move your business forward, so that your projects and goals are realized faster.

Access to community

As of September 1, 2023, you as a self-employed person must comply with certain conditions regarding your sales invoice. We would like to tell you more about how you can properly protect yourself against late and non-payers.

Online training for employees

Networking events are a great way for entrepreneurs and budding freelancers to make new and fine contacts. But how do you get started? We give you some tools from our own experience to get the most out of your next networking event

We offer a paid formula for our connect module for professional freelancers, and for student entrepreneurs. After a free 30-day trial, you can easily opt for a paid formula that is 100% tax tax deductible. Do you combine your studies with freelance activities? Then choose the package for student-entrepreneurs and enjoy a nice discount.

Want the power of ExtraExpertise for you as a professional?

The best way to discover the benefits of ExtraExpertise is to simply try it. We give you 30 days to test our solution free of charge as a small business owner or freelancer with no obligation to purchase.

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