Concise Manual and How-to

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions for you so you can get started quickly

Logging in is easy using the form provided. Your username and password are mentioned above. Having problems logging in? Then use the password reset functionality at the bottom of the form. You will then receive a personal mail inviting you to reset your password.

You can do this easily by clicking on your name at the top right of your screen after logging in. A menu will then appear. Choose "My profile". The page with your profile will be loaded where you can edit:

  • Cover photo
  • Personal profile picture
  • Profile data
  • etc.

After entering, press "Save" at the bottom to save your information.
When you scroll back up the page you can click on "Settings." This will open the page where you can upload your resume, submit experiences, create a portfolio, etc.

After entering your profile information, you can easily tell the system when you are available and when you want to work. This gives you the flexibility as a freelancer to set your own schedule based on your ideal work schedule.

The real power of Extra Expertise lies not only in showcasing your skills, and organizing your profile, but in the ability to showcase yourself and connect with other freelancers or with companies looking for your profile.

Through the "Connect module" you can access the entire network of users on the left in the main navigation. When you choose "All network": you will get an overview of all freelancers in the database. Then you can view a specific profile via the "View profile" button. This will bring you to the overview of a selected freelancer after which you can view his or her data.

Then you can not only browse through his or her profile, but also choose to connect with this freelancer to expand your network of professionals. To connect with a freelancer, simply click on "Connect with username" at the top of the profile page header.

Then the freelancer will receive an invitation to connect with you which he or she can choose to accept. When the person you invited accepts your connection request they will appear in "My network" and you can easily start a chat session and exchange files with this person to get to know them better.

In addition to connecting with individual freelance professionals, the Connect module also allows you to create and share your own groups to orderly structure the freelancers you would like to work or work with and set up your own virtual business with your own team or collective. This can easily be done by navigating to "My network" and then selecting the freelancers you wish to add to a group by clicking on the gear icon and then selecting "Add to group".

When you do this you will see a popup window where you can select a group or create one using "Create new group". When you create a new group you can give it a name but also a color and icon. color and icon. You can also choose to make the group visible only to you or share it with the rest of the users of ExtraExpertise. The choice is yours!

Groups can be easily managed by choosing "Groups" from the navigation menu and then using the cog icon to take various actions. View group users, make the group public, delete etc. Of course you can use this screen Of course you can also create new groups if you wish.

Freelancers you enjoy working with can easily be marked as favorites when they belong to your network. You can do this by clicking on the cog icon in "My network" and then choose "Add to favorites". under the "connect module" under "Favorites".

Through ExtraExpertise, not only can you easily manage and group freelancers, but you can also add individual comments to a specific freelancer's profile. This can be done simply by clicking on the cog icon under "All network" or "Your network" via the connect module, and then choosing "Add personal note".

Now when you click "View profile" on a chosen freelancer, you can find your comments on his or her profile under personal notes.

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