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ExtraExpertise gives freelancers and clients like you an online work and collaboration platform that makes them happy . Thanks to ExtraExpertise, gigworkers and SMEs get more structure, more focus, and more overview. Resulting in a better work-life balance and more free time!

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Bring more structure to your daily functioning and your contacts

Maintain focus for multiple projects and clients so you can work productively

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Collaborate safely and smoothly with clients and other professionals

Work productively and efficiently with fewer distractions and more focus thanks to built-in tools.

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Building and organizing your professional network

Organize your network with tags, cluster them into groups and add private notes.

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5 modules that will change your professional life

ExtraExpertise was developed by experts in the field. ExtraExpertise was built by senior international developers based on extensive market research and their own experiences. In a world in full change where Flexible Workforce and Flexible workforces are taking the helm, we want to offer the tools needed to optimally work

The appropriate solution for everyone

ExtraExpertise is a total self-employment solution built by senior international developers based on extensive market study and their own experiences. In a rapidly changing world where solopreneurs and talent pools are taking over, we want to offer the tools needed to work optimally for professional freelancers and SMEs.


From now on you manage your freelance activities and projects how you want, ExtraExpertise brings more focus and structure to your freelance activities wherever in the world you work.

Ideal for: Freelancers Students and interns Consultants

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Cockpit for Business is the go-to solution for companies looking for a well-built Freelance Management System that want to save time, work more professionally and grow.

Ideal for: Start-ups SMEs and agencies Enterprises

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For freelancers, by freelancers

After working as a freelancer for more than 15 years, I have learned and seen a lot. The consequences of poor communication, incomplete briefings, skyrocketing commissions from recruiting companies, frustrations with poor management of projects, Non-billable hours running high, lack of structure in projects, clients paying late or not paying, social element as a solopreneur No suitable solutions to collaborate with freelancers and so on.

By 2021, then, it was clear to me what my mission would be: To bring change to this. ExtraExpertise wants to bring change and build its own solution for freelancers and SMEs that addresses these problems. Starting from these problems that I and others have experienced, we started building a solution that we now want to share with our fellow freelancers and clients.

Lode Schoors, Founder ExtraExpertise
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Our users have their say

review extraexpertise Bram

"Building my own network of professionals is now child's play. Assigning tags to my contacts or grouping them keeps everything neat and organized. Everything is nicely and logically built. A great added value for my business!"

- Bram Graphic Designer
review extraexpertise Robrecht

"A serious added value in my daily work. Finally a customized tool for the freelancers among us!"

- Robrecht Programmer
review extraexpertise Mireille

"ExtraExpertise helps our company tremendously. We use it daily to expand, and manage our talent pool of freelancers. This is highly recommended for companies looking to leverage flexible workers."

- Mireille Marketing manager
review extraexpertise Linde

"ExtraExpertise, A bit of the LinkedIn for freelancers. Fan of the first hour! Since using ExtraExpertise I save several hours every week and get great projects through my network who recommend me to their clients and their own network"

- Linde Virtual Assistant

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The all-in-one worksuite for freelance professionals, and independent contractors that helps to get the most of your billable hours. Our webapplication is built improve your work-life balance, and help you to work smarter and more structured to improve your mental health and keep peace of mind.
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ExtraExpertise is an all-in-one platform for freelancers and clients that allows them to easily build, structure and manage their own professional network.

ExtraExpertise gives you all the tools to manage and organize your professional network. We help you to work smarter so you have more free time and experience more happiness at work.

Overview of functionalities

Store all communications and files securely in the cloud

Thanks to ExtraExpertise, all professional communication takes place in one central place. Easily send encrypted text messages, or documents and improve communication with other professionals and your clients. No more searching through emails and fragmented communication

all communication in 1 place
tag freelancers and contacts

Share your professional contacts how you want

Add personal notes to your personal contacts or organize your contacts by assigning tags, creating groups or marking them as favorites. ExtraExpertise helps you organize contacts to keep everything organized and clear.

Say goodbye to cluttered contact information in Excel files or social networks and lost post-its eaten by the dog.

Build your professional network in no time

From now on you can manage your professional contacts securely in the cloud via our user-friendly web application wherever you are in the world. Invite your existing contacts or connect with great freelancers from all over the world.

ExtraExpertise makes it super easy for you to connect with other freelancers and companies and manage your professional network securely in the cloud through our easy-to-use web application, wherever you are in the world. Sign up for a free account, and start making new contacts that you can add to your own network.

overview network
group contacts

Build your own team of freelance professionals

ExtraExpertise allows you to quickly and easily build your own team of domestic and international contacts so that you can find better clients. By using our solution you will grow as a professional and be able to offer more services to your clients and outsource tasks to other professionals.

Highlight your profile and find new customers

Highlight your work and profile. Create an account, fill in your details and upload your CV. Showcase projects you are proud of to new clients and users, and share your availabilities.

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