Our objective:

ExtraExpertise's mission is to help freelancers and clients work and collaborate productively and efficiently by providing a software solution that fits their needs and wants.

Our story

The why behind ExtraExpertise

For the rapidly growing group of professional freelancers, there is currently little or no support in Belgium for burnout and other mental or physical problems due to high workloads

We believe that self-employed and student entrepreneurs are also entitled to proper solutions and support in managing their work and stress levels.

Starting from my own experience and the lessons learned from all kinds of difficult situations over the past years, I want to use this know-how to offer a solution to contribute to a healthier work-life balance for the users of ExtraExpertise.

In addition, during my own experiences as a freelancer within the market and the working methods freelancers and clients use today, I have discovered several pain points in which I hope to offer a solution with ExtraExpertise, together with a network of professionals.

Why the choice of this name?

Created in 2020, the name ExtraExpertise is an amalgamation of two things that can be interpreted in different ways:

Extra: we want to be an added value for contractors and clients who use our platform. These Extras that we offer them compared to traditional freelance platforms , then serve as added value for the clients of the users.

Expertise: Through our platform we are going to offer not only innovative tools but also various services. Training, coaching, calling professionals through a scheduled video call etc. The expertise or knowledge of our users will in this way not only increase, but also be shared with other

Another interpretation is about adding supplementary and complementary temporary workers to your team. Companies in the future will have the opportunity to hire good freelancers to complete of their team. In this way, they will bring in ExtraExpertise.

The people behind ExtraExpertise

At the head of ExtraExpertise is founder Lode Schoors, who first put the concept on paper in 2020. Lode started developing his idea in 2021 based on his experiences in Marketing and the information sector in which he has been professionally active for more than 20 years.

He started writing out the project, and sought a team of freelancers to help him develop ExtraExpertise. October 2021 development started with a team of 6 international freelancers from Tunisia working 100% remotely , and a part-time copywriter.

But who can really ensure the success of this concept are our users. Freelancers, young start-up professionals from different niches, and student entrepreneurs. These are the people we at ExtraExpertise primarily want to attract and for whom we want to add value by building an innovative platform together with our team.

Our plans for the future and product roadmap

ExtraExpertise is still in its infancy, but the perspective and plans are in full swing. In the future, our cloud solution will consist of the following 4 basic modules: Focus, Connect,Grow and Jobs. For companies and clients, we have a separate Freelance Management System or FMS for short.

Each module aims to contribute to the growth of professional freelancers, and will be rolled out incrementally. First, we are launching the Connect module which is the beating heart of the whole application. This module allows you to easily to search, manage and organize freelancers, allowing you to quickly find the right freelancer, expand your professional network and chat with fellow freelancers to collaborate in an efficient, contemporary way. collaborate and strengthen each other.

For everyone who wishes to know more about the upcoming releases and plans of this project, we have set up a mailing list so that you can be informed about our launch and improvements. Below you can find the relevant registration form

Stay tuned to our launch